Friday, August 17, 2007


Fate is a wonderful game indeed. I found this game in my friend's laptop one day. It was a demo version. There are 4 free entries after which u need to buy the game. I did'nt know that while playing. But i played it in 4 attempts. It was that interesting.

There is a small village of Legends. There is a Dungeon out there just beside the village. Many adventurers and heros who failed to succeed in passing through the Dungeon decide to live in this village and help the new adventurers. We are the new adventurers now and they will all help and advice us.

The Dungeon is about 40 floors beneath the ground and each floor is filled with puzzles and evil creatures. Hero has a attractive set of magical weapons with him. You have to manage these weapons and you can even improve the magic and strength of your weapon by placing magical stones in them or by having them chanted by a magician in the town.

You will have a pet dog accompanying you all the way. He fights on your side and the good thing about him is he never dies. When he is out of strength, he runs away from the battle field to regain his power after sometime. We can heal him with the health elixirs we have to make him fight. He even collects the unwanted weapons we have and take it to the village and bring us back fame and power. There are lot of interesting things you can do in the game apart from fighting. Hero keeps getting more and more powerful as you go through the game. He attaines amazing magical powers and weapons. If we die fighting, we can enter back from the same spot we were death or from the previous level by paying a demon which offers us life in return of fame and wealth.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Age of Empires

You can select any civilization (British,French,Saracians,vikings and so on) and you can choose your enemy civilization (or you may ask the computer to choose any civilization randomly).Start from stone age, end at imperial age.The Game is full of warfare tactics and real application of your resources and capable advancement of your troops towards the enemy camps.

This game can be played again and again for months together and you wont get bored.Because it the war map keeps changing , thus changing the war scenerio and the attacking approach.

Age of Empires was developed by Microsoft - Home page

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Hitman - The most realistic assassination scenario.You are on a killing spree.You must be careful and watch out the city scout who are watching you.These guys wear civilian clothes and keep an eye on new comers to that area.Kill your target as calmly as you can without making any noise and drag his body and hide it so that the scout doesn't see the dead bodies or else they will alert the entire enemy gang.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Drakan : Order of the Flame

Drakan is fantasy.But a fantasy which you would enjoy.If you can ignore the fact that you are playing with a lady,Drakan is an amazing game which leaves cool gaming memories in your mind.Surreal developed it in such a way that it gives you full Gaming satisfaction.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don Chase

Are you in the Don Chase ? If no then Get in now ! Don Chase Collect clues,Win the Contest.Winners can meet SRK in person.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

This is one of the most realistic games i have played.You get the feeling of Real guns,Real screams,Real blood.Created by Activision and Raven.Both of them are leading producers of Quality Computer games.SOF Download and try it!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Created by the Crow Team,this is the most robust game.The hero,Mr.Sam is as tough as a rock and has a dozen of latest guns around his waist.The game is all set in the cities of Egypt.Sam is sent from the future to collect some ancient artifacts of Syrian civilization,which can save the world from Alien attack.If you enjoy passing by,firing the weapons and shedding the evil blood,Play the 'Tourist mode'. Get Serious!